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Welcome to ZenLamps.

ZenLamps are born from fire, ice and love.


Cairns or Rock Stacks have been guiding humanity for millennia. Making a pathway for others to follow so they can find their way.

Humans have been stacking rocks as marker points, as places of significance, for religious reasons and superstition across cultures and throughout our human history. Today these continue to be marker points for hikers and climbers in rocky terrain and in many high places of the world. The symbolism of stacking rocks continues, guiding our way.

Rock stacking has also turned into an art in itself, now on rocky coastlines, beaches and outcrops around the world, humans balance rocks on top of one another in a fusion of man-made art using the Earth's most raw materials. Achieving balance and equilibrium of the stones is a key challenge. The concept of balance runs throughout the human world and the natural world. We are all, in our own way, trying to find the right balance.

ZenLamps was created out of a simple concept. Adding a light to the top of the rock stack dates back as a guiding 'light' since unknowable times. Like small lighthouses, now we have added the light. Light has always been a symbol of the hope we just added onto one of our most subtle and universal "inventions". Long before Google maps, we stacked rocks to show the way and help others find their way.


Made with the raw materials of Earth, solid rock, the process starts with handpicking each rock for the unique design, choosing the right balance in colours, texture and, of course, shape. Each ZenLamp is individually crafted with care and love for nature. Holes are individually drilled in each rock where a metal rod is inserted, making it as solid as the rocks themselves. Internally wired with a dimmable retro bulb. It's designed to have the bulb on display (without a shade), showing the vintage look, but it can be displayed with a shade (shade not included).


Using specific rock types from the quarries around BC - Canada, Granite, Lava Rock, Marble in diverse colours, white, green, grey, brown, red, yellow, black.


ZenLamps have a deep connection to British Columbia.



Free delivery and light bulb to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Squamish.
They are custom-made.
Price varies depending on the number of rocks and the height of the lamp. 
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